Nollywood is Dead - Emeka Ike

Who doesn't know Emeka Ike? The Nollywood darling kid/bad boy is one of the stars you more likely than not missed on your TV screen for a long time because of the affirmed calm in the business. Morakinyo Olugbiji sat down to talk with the father of three in Lagos on Sallah Day. 

It's been a long time I saw u include in another motion picture... 

Nobody is influencing any film in Nigeria right now and that is the reason you to have not seen me included in any of late. I'm attempting to re-strategize. Some portion's of the issue needs to do with the issue in AGN and I'm trusting that once the court conveys its judgment, I will reclaim my position in AGN as President. At that point, we will rebuild everything with a specific end goal to reestablish the business back to its legitimate place. 

So you are still in the AGN battle? 

Indeed, the battle is not over until it's finished. I and my group are a decent people and for us, the best way to go about issues that trouble around legitimateness and illicitness is to go to court. some other measure you take is illicit and criminal and not adequate. Also, as we talk now, there is Status Quo the court has requested that no one ought to work with anyone parading himself as AGN's leader. Along these lines, having anything to do with anybody guaranteeing to be the leader of AGN is doing as such at his or her own particular hazard pending when the court will decide the correct leader of AGN. 

What I hear from time to time is that the motion picture industry is experiencing a break, what's your sentiment? 

One can not think little of that reality. Nollywood is not experiencing a respite in actuality, the industry is dead right at this point. on the off chance that you know the amount Nollywood has been trampled upon you will realize that there is no motion picture made right now that is organized on the Nollywood you and I use to know. What you see going on this moment are maybe the little young men around the business in those days influencing a portion of the couple of motion pictures you to have around now. 

They cherish the craftsmanship and since they have not been given any shot choose to assemble their companions to do some low spending films. They endeavor to include a few known appearances. They are quite recently endeavoring to maintain the business that has been disabled, adulterated, trampled upon and captured. 

You have been known to dependably play a terrible kid or darling kid part, yet I think you are getting more developed despite the fact that the look is still there, will your parts in motion picture change now should a content come to your direction? 

Well like you stated, it's actually that I'm looking more developed. I will likewise need you to realize that I have now broken into Hollywood as well. Discussing the parts I use to play, on the off chance that regardless I look the part why at that point wouldn't I be able to assume the part? I just returned from one of the arrangements of a motion picture which I did in Hollywood with Hakeem Kazeem who featured in Hotel Rwanda, Jimmy Lewis of PHAT Girls and a large group of other best Hollywood identities. It's titled "Accomplishment of Destiny." It additionally included Kera O'Brian of Law and Order. She was my better half and director in the motion picture. 

You said that Nollywood is dead; wouldn't you say that is excessively of a conclusion? 

It is dead! By each instrument of estimation, Nollywood is dead. On the off chance that you are an industry that created a hundred motion pictures month to month in the past and now you don't influence seven films in a month then you to have an issue; that is 7/100. That is a disappointment. Disregard the way that a couple of like Desmond Elliot, Uche Jumbo, Monalisa Chinda, Stephanie Okereke, Emem Isong and a couple of others are endeavoring to discharge films. 

Theirs is only a performance battle of a few artists who adore what they do. Those are not by any means makers; they are the gifts. So toward the day's end, the genuine makers themselves are not making motion pictures anymore. Where are any semblance of Chico Ejiro, Zeb Ejiro, Fred Amata, Paul Obasele, Jetta Amata, Teco Benson, Fidelis Duker and others? I heard a day or two ago where Chico Ejiro was stating 'individuals are currently setting off to the Cinemas and the business is producing great movies', yet ask him, which motion picture has he taken to Cinema in 10 years? 

They said Paul Obasele is doing Eko Festival or whatever, what film has he created over the most recent ten years? These individuals are never again making any contribution to the business and that is adversely influencing the business, yet they are the makers. 

The business is being controlled by a couple of who know how the business functions and have chosen to unite to go to the administration for the sake of speaking to Nollywood without telling others about their demonstrations. 

That is criminal. So at this point, you should realize that Nollywood has quit making films in Lagos. That is essentially why we've not heard Idumota or Ebinpejo Lane on your TV in quite a while. With the goal that's to what extent it was for Lagos. Similarly, Onitsha; Iweka Road, Pound Road, and others. That is to what extent it was for that zone. 

The main couple of individuals in business now are the Yoruba movie producers. What's more, they have to truly watch it before they begin to confront a similar issue the Igbo film creators are confronting. Likewise, the government was a piece of the slaughtering. At the point when the current Nigerian Film Censorship Board Chairman ascended one day and say that on the off chance that you are a merchant of motion pictures, quit appropriating until the point when you pay me 5million Naira. 

That was a red alarm. He frightened them off. Presently, what you have now are people viewing DSTV Africa Magic yet everybody was watching, nobody talked. The motion picture industry Emeka Mba met in its lightness; he came in as the DG of film control board and executed it. Do you realize that Emeka Mba was the substance supplier for Africa Magic? 

So I get it's never again precise to state Nollywood is the second biggest makers of motion pictures as UNESCO situated it? 

We are number two in light of the fact that at the time UNESCO gave us that acknowledgment and that was precisely the time the business was tied in with going down. You know, we began passing on when Africa Magic entered the business. 

My associates were not up to the date of what was happening; they continued wearing dull shades and blowing huge syntaxes on the pages of daily papers.' Africa Magic is brilliant, it's this present, it's that, blah, blah, blah.' However today, Africa Magic has taken their item to their end clients. 

Do you get the rationale? The man that purchases the "Akara" (bean cake) doesn't come to purchase from you once more, he goes to another person to purchase the Akara which you create yet you don't get the cash. That is the manner by which the demise of Nollywood began. Presently, Africa Magic's organizing has gone around the entire of Africa and past. Furthermore, in light of the fact that the film controls board helmsman is getting comes back from Africa Magic, it is highly unlikely the misuse can stop. 

By what method can HiTV pay eminence when Emeka Mba is maybe a companion of HiTV? Practically everyone dealing with the control of the Nigerian film industry is there to play governmental issues and stole as much as they can. Presently the picture of the nation which we've dealt with every one of these years has been rubbished, confused, insulted, disrespected and discolored. 

What do I mean by that? Presently, they make motion pictures on Africa Magic where you have South-Africans noting Nigeria names and acting the parts. Furthermore, the dismal thing about it is that they are treating Nigeria 's center Niger Delta Issues. You hear them utilizing their South-Africa pronunciation to state that Nigerian pioneers are degenerate. Also, I'm soliciting, what's the DG from the Nigerian restriction board doing? 

There is a motion picture on MNET called Jacob's..... Inconvenience or what do they call it where they examined the Niger Delta issues and I'm pondering who verified that content. What's the rebranding Nigerian message in that content? 

An Emeka Ike or some other significant Nigerian performing artist will maintain a strategic distance from junk the picture washing exertion of the legislature yet the nation is the situation in this motion pictures I just said. Dora Akunyili or Goodluck Jonathan can't see everything, except he has put some person there who has declined to do is work. Furthermore, any semblance of us is not associated with the legislative issues going on so there is nearly nothing or nothing we can do. We don't get sovereignties, however, go to Ghana, their individuals are being paid their eminences. 

Discussing the 200million dollars guarantee from Jonathan, what do you think? 

Discussing that guarantee being realistic, I would prefer not to contend it now. I need to trust that the president did what he did in accordance with some basic honesty. In each nation of the world, there is cash put aside for media outlets. Presently when you have a motion picture venture that we additionally add to the advancement of the nation, the administration we help you with part of the spending effectively put aside. 

They do that in South-Africa. in the event that a similar thing is what will happen, excellent! in any case, my exclusive grouse about it is that I don't know whether President Goodluck Jonathan gave that cash to his sibling Ben Bruce since he continued saying 'my sibling Ben Bruce.' Also, my inquiry is who and who spoken to Nollywood that day? 

Regardless of the possibility that there is an emergency in Nollywood letters ought to be sent to some center Nollywood partners so we will know who is gathering the cash for the benefit of the business


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