Crown Prince - story Lyrics

Crown Prince - story Lyrics

Story is a new hot jam by the " our best"  and "blameless" crooner crown prince, the quantity survey  gradute  of federal poly ede has been in the industry for a while and he is really doing great. His fans quest for more good music after the success of " our best" and " blameless " made him release another hot rap jam to start the year 2017. STORY is another hot music and crown prince is in the industry to stay, and I'm sure he is gonna be a threat to the big name in the industry. Crown Prince - story Lyrics

Intro. ...

It your boy crown prince.*****
Dats how we roll. (Jay tunze on the beat )*
Hmmmm, yehhh,  hah.
I can feel it in my heart I no go lie
I can feel it in my soul I no go lie, I can feel it in my heart, I can feel it in my soul, every where I go.
 Story, hmm,
story, yehhh,
story,   ooyehhh,  hmmm.
Story, yehhh,
story, story,  ooyehhhh.
Verse 1.
I was born to the street life yet i got to wakeup,
I grew up in the ghetto so I never got to break up,
i hustle day and night but never got to rip off,
the enemies dey plan for me so never go to knock off.
i wake up In the morning so I move on like a struggler,
walk into the street I move on like a hustler,
I dey pray  I dey sing, I dey fast so regular.
cos I know dat with God by my side I go dey popular,
started on my own one man with no committee,
living with my life, see no stress life warranty,
vow never to give up dey look me like Pharisees, am heading to the top no doubt life guarantee.
Dem see me now,
anything I do see d way dem dey feel me now,
any place I go all of dem dey want to see me now,
moving lik a train, so u know you no fit stop me now,
your love is all I got so you know you cannot stop me now.
 Story, hmm,
story, yehhh,
story,   ooyehhh,  hmmm.
Story, yehhh,
story, story,  ooyehhhh.
Like a Dream it was hard so I try so I could ran,
then I do everything I could, some of them, dem call me toug
never the less forward ever bcs me will never flop,
enemies go do your witch craft bxs me will never drop.
I could have make it to the top, ur nigga was just whilling ,
I knw they've been watching from above dey were just smiling,
it your crown prince no more sorrow, no more yaning ,
shout out to my niggas in the town no more crying.
Dey never care about me, so I never care about them,
dey never know my feelings, I never know their healing,
see dem say am inverted, some say am deserted ,
some of them dey look at me dey say dis guy is been converted.
I no nice I no holy,  my school ede poly,
anything you need,to do, I say you need to take it slowly,
if you pass, na God's glory,
you fail you out of poly ,
if you think say I dey lie make you ask Mr toyin.
it your boy crown prince.
A little boy, had a dream.
 Story, hmm,
story, yehhh,
story,   ooyehhh,  hmmm.
Story, yehhh,
story, story,  ooyehhhh................


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