Why I Love Both Music and Acting says Gabriel Afolayan

For some of his fans, he’s just an actor, but for many others, he’s a multi-talented artiste who grew up amid acting and singing.
Gabriel Afolayan, who recently featured as Prince Adetiba in “King Invincible”, described 2017 as the year his career will flourish, as he plans to release his movies in the first quarter of the year, in addition to dropping his first album before the second quarter of the year.
According to the award-winning actor, “I played the role of Prince Adetiba in a movie, “King Invincible”, and from the name you can say what it means for someone to be a prince and there was a prophecy that another prince that would emerge to take over his position.
So, this is the first time I played the VN character in a cinema movie, it gives me so much joy.
“I have been up to a whole lot of things towards the end of last year. I have been shooting movies, doing both street and cinema movies.
I have been recording a lot of songs and hopefully before the second quarter of this year, I will release my album. We are doing a pre-production work on my album.
“It has not been easy combining acting and singing at the same time. And it will be so terrible if I shy away from them. I feel it within my soul to do music.
It’s not because I was forced or pushed to do it or maybe because acting was not paying off, but I just feel it within myself to do music. I love music. I grew up around both so it will be difficult to say which one is my first love,” Afolayan said.


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